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Enki's Helm by PheonixBreaker90
Enki's Helm
Hellooooo~, internet!  How have you guys been?

Who's been watching Gurren Lagaan, at 2AM in the morning?  I have! And the latest episode was so great I just to make this!  And it took me till 3 in the morning to finish it. Yep, I am that crazy :D
Poor Viral's helmet gets taken away from Gurren Lagann.  So, I hope this makes up for the loss.

Till next time!



(Copyrighted and owned by Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Trigger/Gainax)
Helloooo~, Internet!

Okay, it's been.. two days?  Seriously?  Feels like it's been longer than that.  I have been busy with my life... video games, drawing, writing my own story.

..What?  That's work, believe it or not!  I want to get as much done before I have to go back to school where I HAVE to draw for a good grade. *sighs*

Anyways, let's get to it!


Chapter seven was long, like twenty damn pages long.. that or it just felt long since I haven't read the book in two days.

Moving on, it was rather slow chapter.  A roller-coaster of emotions went into these pages.  It was more than just arriving to your sweetheart's house to see if their family member was alright, it was 'Obey the law and DISPOSE of the evidence.'  This really gives you a feel just how serious these guys are about their rules, there's no second chances, it's do or die!  And here I thought Russia was strict.

Not to mention the amount of Latin in between lines.. sheesh, I actually had to go to the back of the book to look these terms up.  Not that I am saying I didn't enjoy it.  When there's a word or term I don't understand I become very vigilant to find out what they mean.

One thing I DID know without looking in the back was Ars Magica.  HELL YEAH!!  We got some sorcery and dark arts up in here.  You know a vampire is a BADASS when they use magic!

The next was short in comparison to the last, but did give a lot of exposition.  Enough to give us some foreshadowing.  However, it was hard to tell whether that was a flag for 'a death' foreshadow or 's***, gonna get real soon' foreshadow.

Either way, I am pumped!  I am looking forward to what plans are evil David has in store for the Thorn family.

There's just one thing that's been bugging me.

How in the actual f*** did Joyce leave that apartment undetected?  Seriously, did she like climb on the walls and snuck out through a window?  That didn't explain how she got to her new 'boyfriend' so damn quick.  Is there a vehicle in London that can start up without making any sounds?

That's all for now, stay tuned for more!

Till next time!

From your patient reader,



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